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Flat Tips Hair Extensions

Achieve luxurious, long-lasting hair with our flat-tip hair extensions at Sika Wigs and Extensions in Phoenix, Arizona. Our flat-tip extensions offer a seamless and natural look, adding length, volume, and versatility to your hair.

At Sika Wigs and Extensions, we use high-quality, 100% human hair for our flat-tip extensions. The flat-tip method ensures a discreet and comfortable attachment, blending seamlessly with your natural hair. Our extensions are pre-tipped with a flat bond that lies flat against your scalp, providing a seamless transition and preventing any discomfort.

Our skilled professionals at Sika Wigs and Extensions will guide you in selecting the perfect flat-tip extensions to match your hair color, texture, and desired length. With our precision application technique, your extensions will be expertly placed, resulting in a flawless and natural appearance.

Not only do our flat-tip extensions provide instant length and volume, but they also allow for versatile styling. You can curl, straighten, and style your extensions just like your own hair, creating endless possibilities for glamorous looks.

We take pride in offering exceptional service and ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with their flat-tip extensions. Our team will provide you with personalized consultations, care instructions, and maintenance tips to keep your extensions looking beautiful and long-lasting.

Experience the transformative power of our flat-tip hair extensions at Sika Wigs and Extensions. Enhance your natural beauty and enjoy the freedom of gorgeous, voluminous hair. With our premium-quality flat-tip extensions, you can confidently embrace any hairstyle or look you desire. Visit Sika Wigs and Extensions in Phoenix and discover the secret to stunning, head-turning hair.

I-Tip Flat Tips Starting from $100
U-Tip Flat Tips Starting from $100
V-Tip Flat Tips Starting from $100
Flat-Tip Weft Extensions Starting from $100


These extensions feature small, individual strands with a flat tip bonded using a micro ring or a silicone-lined bead. They provide a secure and discreet attachment, allowing for natural movement and versatility in styling.
U-Tip extensions have a U-shaped bond at the tip, which is typically made of keratin. The U-Tip is heated and fused to the natural hair using a specialized fusion tool. This method offers long-lasting hold and a seamless blend.
V-Tip extensions have a V-shaped bond at the tip, also made of keratin. The V-Tip is heated and fused to the natural hair using a fusion tool. This method offers a strong and durable attachment, ensuring longevity and natural movement.
These extensions consist of a weft, or a strip of hair, with flat tips attached. The weft can be securely applied using various methods such as micro rings, sewing, or tape-in techniques. Flat-tip weft extensions offer flexibility in installation and allow for customized application based on individual preferences.